Innovative Financial Solutions

  • Project & Infrastructure Finance:

    This is targeted at long-term financing of infrastructure and industrial projects based on the projected cash flows of the project rather than the balance sheet of its sponsors.

  • Structured Trade Finance: This covers warehouse financing (finance of commodity inventories), finance of working capital assets on a revolving basis, tolling/processing (finance the conversion or processing of raw commodities into value added products), asset backed lending, trade receivables finance and reserved-based lending

We have strong partnerships with various multi-lateral funding agencies such as Development Finance Institutions (DFI) and Export Credit Agencies (ECA), as well as local funding institutions such as commercial banks and government intervention funds. We have a proven track-record of successful delivery on fund raising mandates across the sub-saharan African region and have a broad clientele base which cuts across all sectors of the economy including the public sector.

We have particularly carved our niche in the power industry and were involved in the recent privatization of the industry. We have handled diverse fund-raising transactions in the oil and gas sector amongst others.